Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Hope They're Better At Karate

It's pretty funny that their offering homework help but their they're truck has a great big misspelled word. I hope their they're better at karate, ballet and physical training.

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Anonymous said...

*they're* as in they are

quick, change it before anyone notices!


Pepe said...

Anon, sank jew berry mush!

Michael Pancier Photography said...


Anonymous said...

your right were sorry that we misspelled transporting. I know our job is better, than what you think and i hope you realize it. Your constructive criticism has been shown to the company that made the sign. Also, it is in the process of being fixed. But, i give recommendation to the people for perfection wait for the best, only Jesus our god has achieved it.Everyone that feels like him run next to him, his is waiting for you.