Monday, April 5, 2010

Hialeah May Soon Get an L.A. Fitness

This just in!

Hialeah Mayor, Julio Robaina, is now our friend on Facebook. Plus, he's given us a little inside information regarding our recent blog posts about Hialeah's many empty storefronts:

Via Facebook Email from Mayor Robaina:

Great to know that you want get connected and help solve many issues in OUR CITY. Feel free to contact me with any concerns and/or suggestions. In reference to the empty stores @ the Kohl's Center, we are working to bring in L.A. Fitness with a state of the art gym!

Thank you again for your dedication to make Hialeah a better place to live, work, and play.


There you go mi gente. You heard it here first, big business is coming to Hialeah. Now, how about a bookstore too? Barnes and Noble or Borders? What's you preference?

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Abel said...

Of those two, I'd definitely rather have a Barnes and Noble. But instead, why not bring a Books-a-Million to Hialeah like the one in Sawgrass! Much cooler, better specials, less expensive. I'll take ANY good bookstore, though.

Carlos said...

People read in Hialeah? Bookstores sadly are closing down in Miami-Dade county due to our low literacy rate.

Though I'd prefer Borders. They have better, more diversified selection of topics, and they are much better organized.

Dayngr said...

I second Abel, I'd be happy to see any bookstore too.

Pepe said...

You didn't know I had the hook up did you?

Carlos said...

Gym gym gym! LA Fitness please

Anonymous said...

There goes another company knocking out mom and pop shops.

Anonymous said...

Gym gym ...... We need a gym......Bally is Always fulll....we need a gym

Anonymous said...

well you got it. LA Fitness is coming to Hialeah.

Raul Diaz said...

Hialeah's Bally is depressive. Very often machines are out of order or missing parts. Too crowded. Service is not too good. L.A. Fitness beats Bally big time.

Anonymous said...

Ballys was completely filled with refs, i imagined la fitness would be also.

LA fitness bought out ballys so now thats an la fitness too its probably still smelly and over crowded.

I just got my membership to la fitness on 49 st it gets super packed and in a few months probably be just like ballys overcrowded with REFS and stinky.

Plus the day care hours suck!!!

8am - 12pm THEN CLOSED UNTIL 4pm - 8pm.

Ps. Always a stupid ass girl working at the fron who never knows anything, doesnt know the classes, cant find the paper where the classes are printed on, has NO IDEA the hours of club or daycare. ... dumbass

on a good note its pretty nice and ive lost a lot of weight in only 3 weeks :) also no refs have tried to talk to me, i just pretend i dont hear them anyway over my headphones or i dont speak spanish hahahaha