Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bring Business Back to Hialeah

Perfumania - gone. Sally's Beauty Supply - gone. Joyeria - gone. Another set of abandoned store fronts in Hialeah. It's things like this that make Hialeah look so rundown.

If Hialeah is going to make a comeback then one of the first places they need to start cleaning up is the plaza with Kohls in it. That section of businesses is run down, ugly and in need of some attention.

Didn't Mayor Julio Robaina say he was going to work on getting big business to take a look at our lovely Hialeah? Oye, Julio, start here bro.


Vecino said...

As long as they open anything but more department stores. Honestly, I don't know how they all stay in business. You know what Hialeah needs? A bookstore! I'm tired of having to drive to Buttfrick Egypt to get a book. I didn't even bother trying the one at the mall since they never had anything I wanted. They should open one where the old Circuit City was. They can make a nice little crosswalk to the Starbucks across the street and everything. Ha! Its nice to dream.

Abel said...

I have to completely and utterly second Vecino's comment. How pathetic is it that to go to a bookstore, one must travel down to Dolphin mall, or all the way up to the Barnes and Noble in Pembroke?

I'm glad the Waldenbooks is gone. It was a sad excuse for a bookstore. Maybe now someone will feel inclined to build a good one here!

Anonymous said...

Cheap shot coming based on two previous comments.... A bookstore? People in Hialeah can read??
Only a joke. or should I say a only a yoke.

Pepe said...

Great ideas. By the way, the Mayor is now reading along here so I'm sure your suggestions will be noted. So keep commenting.