Monday, April 5, 2010

Taking Your Life in Your Hands in Hialeah

This is one of those classics that you only see in Hialeah.

If you've ever driven through Hialeah, you know that driving there is insane. Forget traffic, I'm talking about how everyone drives like a maniac and the fact most drivers don't have insurance.

So knowing this and driving there is crazy - even though you're protected to a degree in your own car. But you'd have to be really crazy to ride una bicicleta there - especially though a parking lot where it's total chaos and confusion. That is taking your life in your hands.

Yes, I love Hialeah and it's craziness.


Dayngr said...

Awww how sweet he looks cruising along.

Pepe said...

Viejo! Dale! Rápidito