Friday, October 1, 2010

SWAT Team Dispatched to Hialeah Home

Happening NOW -- HIALEAH, Fla. (WSVN) -- Hialeah police and SWAT responded to a home after someone called 911 and then hung up. A patrol officer was sent to the scene and a distraught woman was removed from the house. Now police are trying to negotiate with a man who has a history of mental illness to get him out of the house.

When I got to the scene I heard two loud noises in a row, quite possibly gun shots and about 30 seconds later I heard another. Not sure if they were gun shots or something else but I didn't stick around to find out.

Location: East Hialeah by 41st and 5th Avenue and the sounds I heard were probably gas canisters.

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Michael Pancier Photography said...

Yikes. Whereabouts?

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

Yikes! What a day. Miramar had a major crime scene too.