Friday, October 1, 2010

Coffee Anytime In Hialeah

1595 W 49th St
Hialeah, FL 33012
(305) 362-7151

If you're from Hialeah, there's no doubt that you were raised on café. Naturally, we'd be one of the first South Florida cities to get a 24 hour Starbucks. Life is good here in Hialeah!

Note: The address on the building says 1597 but the address in the Starbucks locator says 1595. Only in Hialeah! You can't miss it though. It's on W 16th and 103rd next to the Verizon store on the corner.

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Michael Pancier Photography said...

I don't get why pay them $5 for a doppio espresso when you can get a colada for a buck fifty at La Carretta.

Anonymous said...

Yeas,but the play jazz and you can relax a few minutes before getting home . I used to go to this Starbucks every mooring and have a yummy breakfast sandwich. nothing against La Carreta,I love them too.