Friday, April 2, 2010

Cabana Coaches Breaks the Law in Hialeah

Here are two Cabana Coaches driving down East 43rd Street even though there is a No Thru Trucks sign. Maybe the bus drivers can't read English?

Look closely at the photo and you'll see the No Thru Truck sign on the right.

We had to follow up on this one sent in to us by a reader. You know we have a pet peeve with people who break the law in Hialeah. It seems that the people over at Cabana Coaches are law breakers who can't follow directions or read English either. Yeah, we're calling you idiotas out.

Cabana Coaches keeps driving their buses all through residential areas in Hialeah where there are NO THRU TRUCK signs posted. We decided to follow up on this though it was sent in by a loyal reader and sure enough, the dispatcher at Cabana Coaches was as clueless as his drivers.

When we alerted him to the fact that his buses were driving though residential areas that had No thru Truck postings his response was "but that is for trucks only." When we explained to him that the law is based on how many axels a vehicle has, and asked him how many axels the buses have he didn't have any idea. He only responded "they aren't trucks." Estúpido!

This is one we'll be forwarding on to Mayor Julio Robaina's office and the Hialeah Police Department for follow up.

Hey, we're just trying to do our small part to help.

If you're interested in calling or writing them and giving them a piece of your mind (if you can spare it) they're at:

Cabana Coaches
12805 Northwest 42nd Avenue

Opa Locka, FL 33054-4401
(305) 681-3021


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Anonymous said...

Just curious, but where do you see anything in the law about the number of axels as the determining factor as to what constitutes a truck?

Pepe said...

I checked with the police department.

Anonymous said...

Hialeah PD? Ha! Let me guess, the city of Hialeah erected the sign also, huh? And how many axels is considered a truck?

When you get a chance check out the Florida Attorney General Advisory Legal Opinion AGO 2004-13 from 3/24/04. Basically it states that Florida doesn't recognize a "No Thru Street" sign and therefore municpalities are not authorized to limit the public use of the roadways simply because homeowners don't want people driving through the residential neighborhood.

Now, they might be able to put up a "No Trucks" sign (the state lists that in their book) but what's gonna happen when Rooms to Go has to make a delivery to one of these houses? Or one of those La Rosa Mudanzas trucks? Won't be allowed!

In addition, the DOT Federal Highway Administration doesn't classify a passenger-carrying bus as a truck.

And I have nothing to do with the bus company. I just dislike so much gov't regulation in our lives.

Anonymous said...

oye papa tu estas un poco chivato...tranquilizate it's not that serious..