Sunday, October 23, 2011

Comcast Doesn't Care About Americanos

With no consideration for the gringos living in Hialeah, Comcast markets to Hialeah's Hispanic demographic. Way to piss of the Americanos, Comcast! Notice, there is no translation. You no speaky Spanish, Comcast doesn't care - too bad for you gringo! Oh wait, there's only like 4 Americanos in Hialeah anyway. I'm with Comcast, screw 'em!

No really, Hialeah has it's own channel. Que cool!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pepe I love the blog, but though it is Hialeah it's part of AMERICA and like it or not the official language IS ENGLISH. Gringos who go to ANY Latin country wouldn't be afforded the courtesy of English over there so SCREW LATINOS who refuse to learn the language though they are living in this country and are just here to drain our economic resources supporting mommy and daddy back home. (those who have the COJONES to learn and live here legally deserve all the respect in the world)