Thursday, May 19, 2011

But We're Fire Rescue

The sign says "No Parking Fire Lane" but it's ok because they're Fire Rescue right? We didn't see anyone inside or outside the vehicle or any signs of someone in distress so we're just going to have to wonder if they were shopping at Kohls or having breakfast in the cafe.

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I can tell you that I was probably on that truck that day and I was probably inside Sambors Cafe. Breakfast for 3.99 and it is incredible by the way. They really treat us like family and understand that WE ARE HUMANS and WE ALSO NEED TO EAT. I wish I had the day the picture came in and I would gladly give you a list of calls we ran before that time and after that time so you would have more of an appreciation of exactly what we do. last time i checked it is not that easy to park a rescue truck or a Fire engine in a compact space. SO... To be more respectful to the public you will notice that we are pout of the way and avoid the possiibilities of being bloked in by another vehicle JUST IN CASE your family member is the one who might need us that morning. If you dont mind allow me to share what our GLORIOUS MAYOR JULIO ROBAINA has done with the Hialeah firefighters.

"Mayor Julio Robaina"

Julio Robaina Fired 17 Firefighters Illegally.
Despite a ruling

According to Arbitrator Robert B. Hoffman:

The City failed to make any cost analysis showing what savings would be generated by these terminations.
Failed to establish the costs savings it attributed to this decision were legitimate reasons and financially efficient.
Failed to account for a myriad of costs that could substantially reduce any cost savings attributed to the terminations.
Failed to explain why it did not accept the recommendation of its concessions committee to keep experienced employees retained who were in DROP.
Failed to include in its decision one other DROP participant who was not in the bargaining unit and would have saved the City additional money.
Failed to include non-DROP employees in its decision, who had vested pensions and that would have saved the City an additional 27.4% in contributions.
Failed to provide the Union with proper contractual advance notice.

Grievance award on: 4/21/2011
Based on the above and the entire record, the grievances are sustained. The grievants shall be immediately reinstated to their former positions and made whole. Any issue that cannot be resolved relating to the administration of this Award shall be referred back to the arbitrator for resolution. As such, the arbitrator shall retain jurisdiction for a period of 90 days from the date of this award.
Back pay = OVER $500,000.00
Overtime cost = OVER $ 500,000.00
Legal fees = Unknown City will NOT disclose.

Daily cost to TAXPAYERS for Mayor Julio Robaina's NON COMPLIANCE = $10,000.00 per day.

JULIO ROBAINA lied again. At the May 9th Television interview Mayor Robaina said he was evaluating his legal options and considering to appeal the ruling. Yet the same day in a letter to the State Of Florida he stated that he will comply with the order. The Mayor Extorted the firefighters demanding a ratified contract for their return.
Robaina is Risking lives and WASTING MONEY!

Anonymous said...

Just like the cops. Never paying attn to the law.

Candela said...

So what Eric. If the truck is hard to park, take your car. Why are you all out cruising in the truck, wasting gas & taxpayer dollars anyway?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just like the cops. Never paying attn to the law.

More like ...

Just like the cops. Thinking they're above the law.

Anonymous said...

WE should have respect for those human that risk the most important thing Life . So what ? let them park where ever . How many people have handicapped permit and they are fine . They are the law ; they are the one we want to see in a emergency moment. Eric you have my respect .

Pepe said...

Anonymous, your ignorance is showing. The law is the law and no one is above it. Also, people with heart conditions and other ailments can get handicap parking permits so just because YOU think they look fine doesn't mean they are, dumbass.

As for the firefighters, leave the truck in the station and find another way to get to breakfast.

Anonymous said...

really? drive your own car? so if a call comes in you have to drive back to the station to get to the rescue truck delaying a response time while someone is dying? seriously think logically before you post something...

Pepe said...

Anonymous, stop being such a pussy and post your name.