Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Que Bola Gringos?

¡Que bolas tienen los gringos!
Photo © by Néstor Sánchez Cordero Photography via Flickr

This photo was taken in 2006. Guess who's having the last laugh now?

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Carlos said...

 I agree with the t-shirt, but not with the same venom. If an American went to a Latin American country they'd be expected to speak Spanish only. So why the double standard here? I work for Miami Dade College and I refuse to answer student questions in Spanish. I have them ask in English. I tell them that this is the US and they are in college thus it is high time they learn the language.

Eddy said...

Completely agreed and I'm a proud Hialeah Cuban. This is America. If us or our parents came to this country, it is because they like and believe in what this culture has. Be proud and hold on to the Cuban culture, but embrace and become part of American culture. There's a reason America is successful, let us be part of it.

Anonymous said...

Pero hay muchos cubanos de edad adolscente que ya no quiere hablar español (su lengua madre)...así tengan apenas meses en USA... es más: se sienten gringos y no cubanos... eso es detestable e inadmisible

Raul Diaz said...

It's understandable!. English is the predominant , although not official, language of the US. It's OK to be bilingual, trilingual, multilingual, but it's more important to become mainstream first. It doesn't help coming here and keep living in a cultural ghetto. I live in Hialeah and have met kids here who after five years in the US, still think it's better in Cuba, think in Cuban, and watch stupid Cuban novelas on YouTube You know why? Their parents are either too uneducated or stupid to teach them what is really important.