Monday, March 21, 2011

Las Palmas Son Novias Que Esperan

Plaza of Cuban-ness - 04
Photo © by DJOtaku via Flickr

If Cuba became free today. Would you move back?

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Chiong said...

I've never been, but as it is my birthright, I would go see, and possibly reclaim the bodega/ house hat became a community center that my abuelo built if it is at all possible. I also want to see if the arena en la playa de Varadero is as white as the viejos claim.

Anonymous said...

Born in the US, have lived my whole life in Miami. I do not consider myself american but I know I am not "cuban" either... I am in Cuban Limbo...

In recent years, regardless of my abuela's threat of disownment, I have thought of visiting the island. The fear is that the vision I have, that has been painted in my mind from the exiled community is not what I will see.

If the regime falls. I would go back, I would help rebuild, I would like to reclaim my birth right and do what our parents accomplished in Miami... over there.