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Editorial - Amelia Earhart Park

You we're all about Hialeah so when this editorial came into our email we didn't want to deny it's author the chance to have his/her voice heard. We didn't write it, we're not responsible for the content but you're welcome to leave your comments for the author. This is our first editorial but if it you like it and if there's something you want to say we might feature it here too.

Amelia Earhart

Editorial - Amelia Earhart Park by A.

I bring this to the attention of the citizens of the City of Hialeah, the City of Miami, South Florida, State of Florida, and outwardly into the world.

Dedicated to those of you who care about our forests, our natural resources, and the wild beauty of nature, and do not want to see them become another parking lot.

In the city of Hialeah, there is a little known gem, called Amelia Earhart Park. Even to those who regularly visit this site, do not truly know of its beauty.

I will make this short and get to the point, I will not spend too much time on this not because I don’t care enough, but because I believe that what we resist with emotions we attract more of, and If there is nothing I can do about it, then at least I will not fuel more of what is already happening.

In Amelia Earhart Park, there is a pristine natural forest, which has been untouched by men for thousands of years all the way in the back previously unaccesible by car. In this site we can still see natural hills, not man made, and coral stone remnants of an ocean millions of years old.

This is the last remaining piece of natural history left in Hialeah.

Hialeah park also known as the Hialeah Dog Race Track, or El Ipodromo as we here call it -is whole 'nother story.

Hialeah has become the city of progress, progress towards a giant concrete block, progress towards all things industry, but it is not in harmony with the future, and it is not in harmony with nature.

I am no tree-hugger, but it does not take a tree hugger to feel a noticeable difference when one enters a city such as Coral Gables, filled with tress, and parks where one can go and truly get away and be free in man’s natural environment among many of the other benefits, inlcuding natural fresh air, and land value.

It is not enough that we live in artificial environments, and eat artificial foods; it is not enough for the people of this park who are converting every bit of our paradise into parking lots and unnatural bike trails, and thinking they have the right to cut down 200-300 year old trees. -Trees which have been around many years before them. Yet, they still feel they own it, they own nature; because someone gave them a paper that says they own the land. It is all illusion.

Even the people who are cutting down and defacing our planet do not really understand what they are doing, if they really knew they would not do it.

I write this in the spare chance that there is someone else out there who may read this and cares enough, I will not pursue this further, I will however speak my truth and just let it be.

I do believe that there are many people who care, but in our city more and more are giving-in to the concrete way of life, and no longer hear their voice loud enough to speak towards what they know is right and true.

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check your source said...

300 year old trees? on land that used to be an barren airfield until the 1960's. Most of the trees there are Australian Pines(exotic non-native trees) no older than 60 years. The mountain bike trails are cut through a former dump that is overgrown with non-native plant species. They truly made chicken salad out of chicken shit there.

Mark Taylor Andre said...

I definitely love this park. I have really fond memories of making a movie there with my friends.

However, I don't understand this editorial at all. Is something happening to the park? Or is this just a tonal problem? Whoever wrote it sounds very angry about something, like they're trying to convince people not to destroy the park. Is that happening? Are they turning Amelia Earhart into a parking lot? If so, I'll do whatever I can to stop it. If not, well... I still like the park.

Hialeah Redneck said...

I've done my part to green Hialeah by planting Maleluca, Brazilian Pepper, and Australian Pines trees throughout my yard. The Australian Pines in particular are a great place to hang a tree stand, and you can't beat the Maleluca for archery practice. As for Amelia Earhart, I say we release a bunch of wild hogs and let residents hunt them. Lechon for all.

Jan said...

I'm gonna plant a tree now :)

TG said...

I agree with Mark Taylor Andre - is there something happening to the park? I don't care how old the trees are nor am I an extremist when it comes to these type of environmental issues, but tell me what is happening and I'll make sure to write a letter to Miami-Dade county Parks (since the park is not administered by City of Hialeah).

However, i do agree that if Hialeah had more trees it would be such a wonderful place. I was only 7 when Hurricane Andrew, but I do remember tons of trees gracing my neighborhood and feel that it changes the ambience of things. If every resident in Hialeah took care of their yard and planted several trees this city would be an even bigger gem.

Anonymous said...

Ipodromo se escribe con HHHHH Hipodromo!!!