Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let Me Guess, Another CVS

E 32nd Street and 2nd Ave
Across from Hialeah Park aka Hialeah Racetrack and the Post Office

This used to be an empty parking lot for years and years. It was fenced in and surrounded by trees so you couldn't really see what was in there. Now, it's just another construction project. We'll probably end up with another CVS, Payless Shoe store or Walgreens.

Whatever it is, I hope it brings a ton of new jobs to the HIA.

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Anonymous said...

The sign on the 32nd street side read Publix Sabor when they started the construction.

Noel said...

Its a Publix. If you google "Hialeah Park Publix", you can see the picture of the New Publix on the Construction Companies website.

Rent apartment Rio said...

its really so beautiful place....the construction is completed or not...I always like to hear other perspectives – and thank you for sharing yours.