Friday, December 31, 2010

Out With The Old in 2010

Photo credit: Nelson Abreu

Out with the old in 2010 - Happy New Year Hialeah! This year we launched our blog and shortly thereafter, added the Sweet Home Hialeah Facebook page to go along with it. It's been great fun reading all your comments (you're way funnier that we are) and seeing all the photos you've shared with us. We look forward to even more interaction and community here on the blog.

In 2011 we'll work hard to bring you new posts around 8 AM each morning and on the days we double post, you can expect those to hit around 7:45 PM. We'll do our best to get out and snap photos from across Hialeah that will keep you scratching your head and saying WTF?

Of course, we want to hear from you too. When you send us your photos from around Hialeah, that makes our little blog community that much richer. It's exciting for us to see people making SHH a part of their daily reads. Be sure to let us know what you like (yeah I guess you can tell us what you don't too).

From me, Juana and the rest of the illegals here at Sweet Home Hialeah - Feliz Año Nuevo! Be safe and don't shoot any guns tonight.

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Anonymous said...

i luf espanglich

Pepe said...

So far my blogging has been un arroz con mango!