Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Traffic Sucks in Hialeah


As seen in West Hialeah

In Hialeah, we make our own driving rules. This causes lots of traffic. We're we'll known for our crazy driving and impromptu traffic jams. Don't you just love Hialeah? (make sure you get a close up of the photo in the middle)

If any Hialeah officials take the time to read this blog, you might want to pay attention and get involved in making some positive changes. Traffic flow under the Palmetto Expressway by Westfield/Westlan Mall is a giant arroz con mango! Check it out during morning and evening rush hour. Dale!

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Michael Pancier Photography said...

it may suck in Hialeah, but it bites the big on in Kendall

Anonymous said...

It sucks everywhere in South Florida but Hialeah gets a special nod for it's extra-special-sucktasticness!