Wednesday, November 3, 2010

School Zone Speeders

If you're gonna be speeding through a school zone you better hope I don't see you. Cause if I do, you better believe I'm gonna post your plate and embarrass the crap out of you. 15 MPH for all school zones - even in Hialeah. This dipshit was speeding through the zone in front of Hialeah Middle School and then he/she sped through Amelia Earhart Elementary's too, right down the street from the Hialeah Police Department. Genius!

Yea, I'm callin' you fools out. I'm tired of you bitches breakin' the law in my city.

Hey Hialeah Police Department, why don't you post an officer in that area since people speed through there in the mornings AND the afternoons. What's it gonna take?

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Pepe said...

on top of that, it was raining too making it that much more dangerous.

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

ha! rain in hialeah. who'd a thunk it?

Anonymous said...

just remember the picture does nothing more than embarrass them as a picture isn't sufficient proof.

Pepe said...

@Anon, well duh.

The Po Po said...

Hijo de puta! Mal creado!