Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stop Bullying Now

Sweet Home Hialeah encourages everyone to take a stand against bullying. Stop Bullying Now. Learn more about how you can get your school or workplace involved and speaking out about bully prevention.

Stop Bullying Now
National Bully Prevention Month - October
Welcoming Schools
Workplace Bullying Institute

Let's end the Hate.

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Anonymous said...

Juana LaCubana aka Trish Forant,

To bad you don't really mean what you put on your blog. I have seen you harass, stalk, threaten and bully on a certain game you play. Take a piece of advice and grow up and stop your childish behavior. Show children how adults are suppose to behave.

Pepe said...

It's Pepe. I don't play games, well, except for dominoes.

We mean everything we write here on our blog, especially when it's in spanglish!

Juana's name is Juana and she doesn't write here dumbass she maintains the Facebook page so go stalk, harass and bully her over there.

Why don't you grow a set of balls rather than post anonymously? You don't really think you're anonymous do you? See that little icon down in the lower right that reads "sitemeter"? Yea, that's how we monitor traffic here, chonga.

In the future, if you want to make accusations you better have something to back it up with or you just show our readers how really ignorant you are.

Via con Dios!

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

Way to go Pepe!

Why am I not surprised? I see the same idiots that have been harassing me via Playdom's Sorority Life game have found their way over here in search of Juana.

As you can see, they're not very bright. How sad for them that as grown adults they feel the need to hide behind a computer and try to bully people.

Forrest said...

Stupid is as stupid does.