Friday, October 15, 2010

Name That Machine

If you live in Hialeah, you know what this is. Come on, you do know what this is right? 1st person to name that machine and or what it makes get's a Sweet Home Hialeah blog badge. LOL!!

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Allen said...

Easy. Guarapo machine.

Anonymous said...


Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

Here in Brazil it is known as "suco de cana".
Suco is 'juice' and cana is the sugar cane. The machines are "mobile". A guy pushes a cart around all day with the machine mounted on it.

Anonymous said...

Rick Sanchez' future career?

Day Dreamer said...

How do I get one of those en mi casita? I'm far from Hialeah (Chicago,IL) and while I have found many Cuban restaurants, I can't say I've seen any Guarapos around!