Thursday, September 9, 2010

¿Qué Pasa, Miami?

If you luff our blog, then you're going to luff the blog ¿Qué Pasa, Miami? too. I guess I missed it earlier when MyAmi stopped in a dropped some comment love. What can I say? Sometimes I miss the glaringly obvious.

Anyways (a Hialeah word for chure!) stop by and check out ¿Qué Pasa, Miami?. It's fresh, it's witty, it's in Spanglish sometimes and it's sure to always be grammatically correct - unlike Sweet Home Hialeah.

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1 comment:

Me-Ami said...

Hialeah speak: Thanks for the shout-out, bro.

Glad to see you're back on the blog wagon. ;o}