Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hialeah Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters, Hialeah Style!

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A said...

Well it's not totally Hialeah to leave your plywood outside all year and then reuse it half rotten so your wife wont spend you blind at Lowes; so the folks had the hurricane prep work done by Home Cheapo!

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

True! I don't think that's limited to Hialeah though you probably see more of it there. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hurricane shutters?
These are window coverings.
The rest of us may use blinds or curtains. These are left up all year to help keep the sun out.
Hurricane shutters in this area are big XX's made out of masking tape. They're only on the windows for about 6 months of the year though, not year round.