Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Challenged in Hialeah

Today I was challenged in Hialeah (where else?), which is a good thing. I was making my rounds this morning taking some photos of some typical Hialeah houses and a neighbor flagged me down. He wanted to know why I was taking photos and let me know that he didn't feel it was right since residences are private. Noted, but, I was on the street. Technically, public property. I'm not complainin' it was nice to see a neighbor lookin' out. What if I were, like, casing houses or something?

Next time, I'll be sure to take photos in the afternoon when people aren't all up in my business right before they head out the door to work. You'd think people would be happy about their 15 minutes of fame. LOL

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Yono Senada said...

I think next time you should make sure to take Carlos Miller with you.

Pepe said...

For realz! That's exactly what I was thinking when the guy was bitching me out.

Anonymous said...

GET A REAL JOB PEPE, nobody gives a rats a** bout your pathetic whining on this sorry blog about rafters for rafters.
You may be on the street taking pix but its invasion of privacy when other ppls house numbers are clearly displayed on the web without their permission. Even GOOGLE knows that shithead.

Anonymous said...

Will you please tell the metrorail security guard to go back to sleeping at his post and stop bothering the people enjoying this blog?

Pepe said...

I guess Mr. StickUpHisAss has forgotten how big Hialeah is. So unless you know the street, ave, court, lane or circle the houses are on good luck trying to find them in Hialeah but just a house #.

Bob said...

FYI there Anonymous (aka coward) but unless you're in someone's yard, it ain't private.