Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lo Que Pica El Gallo

It's been a few days since we posted some juicy stuff here on Sweet Home Hialeah. It's been a busy few weeks. We've been swimming through the streets taking photos, thanks to the rain and poor drainage here in Hialeah.

We know you're just sitting around with your thumbs up your culos when we aren't posting so we wanted to turn you on to a new blog on the block to keep you busy on the days we're busy chasing the free range chickens out of our concrete front yards and away from the offerings we left San Lazaro.

Stop by and check out "Lo Que Pica El Gallo" it's pretty funny and the chica's who write it are cute. Here's a excerpt to give you a little taste:

What’s the one word your Abuela would say or add on to every insult about every person she was gossiping about or yelling at you because you were too loud during her “novela que empieza ahora”? Does Cagalistroso/Cagalistrosa ring a bell?

Like it? Get some more on their blog... Lo Que Pica El Gallo

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-post! It's greatly appreciated.

We too, at Lo que Pica el Gallo have been swamped with work and other priorities and haven't had time to post anything new. But stay tuned, we are just getting back in the rhythm of things!

Estan acabando aqui en Sweet Home Hialeah! I love it!