Friday, July 9, 2010

Latino or Americano #9

It's time again for our game "Latino or Americano?" All you have to do is guess if the house pictured is owned by a Latino or an Americano. Ready? Set? Guess!

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Jessica said...


Yes we know that Hialeah and Miami are 2 different places but since that van was spotted in Hialeah its your Hialeah Moment not Miami Moment. We do these Hialeah Moments not to be specific to one or the other, just things we spot in Hialeah that make it unique.

But thanks for looking out.

Anonymous said...

Really? Come on, Boriqua Flag mailbox, Santa Barbara in the front. Also heavily used parking spots in front of the house allude to BIG family and/or regular guests. The one thing that through me off was that there is still grass remaining in their yard.

Pepe said...