Monday, June 7, 2010

One More Way to Screw Hialeans

Guess What? Gratigny Parkway Goes Cashless Today!

A warning for drivers: Open road tolling begins TODAY on the Gratigny Parkway. Toll booths ain't gonna be operational on and cash ain't gonna be accepted. You had best get you a one of those SunPass thingies. Get this, if you get on or off at Red Road you get a discount and pay just 50 cents. If you get off by LeJeune then you get screwed out of a dollar. Nice aint it?

There's a shitstorm of work under way to remove the tollbooths too. The work is expected to take a few months. Big surprise there. Drivers are asked to use SunPass lanes until that work is complete but they forget to mention that since the work has been underway, they've only had ONE frickin lane open!!! Wasn't the whole point of this new system to make it faster and safer? Yea, not working.

By the way peeps, If you ain't got a SunPass, you'll get a bill in the mail.The Gratigny Parkway is the first of the five Miami-Dade Expressway Authority roadways to go open road tolling. All five expressways are expected to be cashless by 2013.

I hope I am outta here by then.

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1 comment:

Yono Senada said...

That just totally sucks and IMHO is the way to force SunPass on everyone. What about the old on fixed incomes and the poor? Where are our representatives? Asleep or campaigning, as usual ... me thinks.