Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Better Buy a Shovel in Hialeah

If you got a dead animal on your property and you live in Hialeah (or anywhere in Miami-Dade county) you better get a shovel my freng because Animal Services ain't coming to your casa to pick up anything dead.

That's gross!
That's so creepy too. Imagine all the dead animals rotting all over backyards with flies and maggots. So much for that summer BBQ you were planning.

Someone better inform Mayor Robaina's office because they didn't have a clue earlier this morning when they referred a Hialeah resident to Animal Services for the removal. While we're alerting the mayor's office to stuff, someone should tell them that the links on the mayor's Facebook page go nowhere. Sux, huh?


Abel said...

I interned for the Mayor's Office last year, and there really (unfortunately) isn't a solution. Someone called in about a dead animal that had just been left on their lawn, but neither the City nor Animal Control were required to take care of it, so it was up to the (elderly) homeowner to somehow remove it.

Pepe said...

I think Hialeah needs to be a little more proactive in that department.