Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things That Make You Go ñoooooooooooo!

Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes you just have to say what the hell are people thinking in Hialeah.

This house was a jackpot. Oh yes my people, they didn't just have a ginormous waterfall covered with conch shells AND a baby deer on top... they had an entire herd of deer on the front lawn - each with their own lighting. Yes, mi gente, this is no random deer gathering. These people planned this mofo out. uh huh. They did.

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Yono Senada said...
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lifeshighway said...

Wow this is a presentation of monumental proportion!

I would love to link it to my blog with your permission. Perhaps you would like to play? Been looking for a Florida contact.

(clapping hands in appreciation)

gcbron said...

My mother had the one in the middle. It broke when the kids tried making it gallop.

Hialeah Redneck said...

Cool! This would make a great spot to practice for archery hunting season.