Friday, April 9, 2010

Hialeah Quacks Me Up

You may have missed the news but Miami Dade's Cluck Busters are no more. What's that? You didn't even know Miami Dade had a unit to track down, catch and relocate these fine feathered friends? They did and over the last 7 years they caught over 16,000.

Now, with the program cancelled due to budget cuts, Hialeah and the rest of Miami Dade county is overrun with chickens, roosters, ducks and more. It's estimated these two legged little lice carriers are affecting over 30,000 citizens all over the Miami-Dade county. They're a major code violation but good luck getting anyone to help you solve the problem. Local 10 ran a recent story on the chicken situation but in the end the reporter had to get resolution on her own.

The biggest problem for Code Enforcement is knowing who to fine. Because these fowl roam free for the most part, it's hard to prove who owns them. (Perhaps we can help in that area by snapping photos of where they are and directing code enforcement to their door. je je je)

Chickens, ducks and roosters really are taking over Hialeah. No wonder people compare us to a third world country. Won't someone help?

Here's just one video of chickens gone wild.


Mike said...

Since I was born in Key West but grew-up in Hialeah might I suggest Hialeah do what KW does, and turn the pollo loco's into something kitschy and touristy. Which brings up another people visit Hialeah on purpose? ;-D

Vecino said...

I like the ducks, especially the ones behind the Publix on 49th and 16th. They think they own the place and some won't move out of the way even if you throw your car at them. The ducks at the Taco Bell parking lot by Lago Grande are great too. I haven't seen them in a while (maybe because I haven't gone to Taco Bell in ages) but I like how they waddle up to your car while you eat and give you this "feed me" look. They are smart little things. Well, except for the whole "crowding around your car like morons" while you are trying to back out. :p

Yono Senada said...

how do you say AFLAC in espanich?