Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hialeah Loves Its Fountains

We love our fountains in Hialeah. Here's a sampling of fountains we found caminando through Hialeah.

As you can see, some are a little more elaborate than others. The ones with the pineapple on top seem to be the most popular but we've found some with birds on top and umbrellas too.

We had so much fun with these that we're going to share a few more we found a little later on. Who knows, maybe we'll make this a series too. Just wait until you see the mermaid we found. Loco!

There's just so much material here in Hialeah.

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Anonymous said...

The last one is my favorite!

Esteban said...

Damn those are some big ass fountains

Anonymous said...

Latino. All of them. Oh wait, this wasn't one of your guessing games.
Still, Latino.