Friday, April 23, 2010

Hialeah Has a New Rap Song

There's no better way to kick off the weekend that with a little booty shakin, body bouncin' music.

This one may become our new theme song. I listened to it at least 3 times this morning while Juana was doing the "one leg up." Big thanks to Turbo22 The Hialeah Expatriate, yo!


In my city it gets hotter everyday
And we got the baddest chickies in the county of Dade
And all the Hialeah chicos down here got a fade
And if you ask me what I'm sippin' on?
Batido de mamey

And you know we celebrate, yeah we party todo el dia
It don't matter what the reason is, We make a caja china
Congri con lechon and a side of yuca frita
Everybody got a grandma que no habla, solo grita

Eso nadie se lo quita, chusmeria never stops
And them Cuban OG's shop in their tank tops
Y jugando domino ellos siempre salen fajado
And at least one person you know was on caso cerrado

Yeah and when it comes to driving WE DA BEST
People driving while their texting on their Metro PCS
And if you see a bad chick, honk when you pass her
Acere in my city, yellow means go faster,

This is a true story, no question
Churros and flowers at every intersection
And if you don't believe me and you wanna make sure
You just hop on the Palmetto and get off on 103rd!


Y entro yo, el Johnny de Hialeah
Se forma aqui, pero TODO los dias
I'm a Beast, eso's lo que dicen las mujeres
Y si tu quieres algo mami, come on and get it

H.I.A., it's where I stay, it's where I lay
H.I. H.I.A., where we don't got no time for games
And if you wanna play, I'll let you play just by yourself
But girl if you want to hit me up, c'mon and bring somebody else

Tag Tag Team
Porque asi's como se forma
El bomberito este tiene mangera que sobra

Y si me das un chance mami, te dejo coja
Te dejo coja pero afloja
Con esa carita locota
Pero tu tranquila mami, que Johnny si coma tota-

lmente, el Monty y Johnny estan presente
Bebendo el Presidente que compramos en el Presidente
Sawacera, con toda mi jente
Y todos estas hebas tienen papel te decente

Pero que locura
Ven aca mamita
No te hagas la dura

Most all the geographical photo's used in this montage were shot by Professional Photographer Michael Pancier. You could find more of his work at www.michael

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JamiMiami said...

OHHH EMM GEEE! This is hilarious. I was dying laughing.

Gwen said...

I'm sure that would be funnier if I understood spanish.

vicequeenmaria said...

Me meo de la risa!

Great pix by Mr. Pancier.