Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looks Like We've Made It

Photo credit: South Florida Daily Blog

Looks like el jefe de los blogs has given us their approval to be included on their blog-roll. This is good news for us. All of you who've been dying to live in Hialeah can now enjoy it's beauty through our blog adventure. Oh and leave a comment now and then will ya?

Here's what SFDB had to say about is. Estamos muy contentos con la descripción.

Hellos and Goodbyes:

"Hialeah may be one of the more unique places to live in South Florida. That's saying a lot based upon the neighborhoods we have down here. So what better place to base a blog than The City Of Streets With 3 Names? Sweet Home Hialeah started out with a bang early last month, posting several times a day and sprinting through Hialeah-based content quicker than you can say "Milander Park." They've slowed a bit since, but "Pepe" is still serving up some interesting and humorous posts that document life in Hialeah.

SWH has all the widgets going on [recent posts, recent comments, the Twitter, etc.] and maintains a quality blogroll ['cause it includes SFDB] so you'll get the full service blogging experience when you visit.

I'm hoping Sweet Home Hialeah can keep it going and not flame out because Lord knows there's enough happening in that town to keep 20 bloggers busy."

Again, muchas gracias!

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