Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Hialeah: Only Crazy People Drink Snail Mucus

An East Hialeah man is being investigated over allegedly smuggling illegal Giant African Snails into Florida as if that weren't weird enough, he allegedly convinced his followers to drink their juices as part of a religious healing ritual as a part of the Ifa Orisha religion.

Just another typical day in Hialeah.

Read more about this guy and his snail juice over at the Miami Herald: Hialeah man investigated over feeding Giant African Snails to followers.


Anonymous said...

Ifa is a religion that is practiced by over 30 million people in Nigeria alone and there are millions of practioners throughout the world. Snails are commonly eaten just as in France and Italy as well as used in some religious practice. People should not judge what they do not know.

Pepe said...

Bro, if 30 million people are drinking snail juice then 30 million people are CRAZY!