Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can't You Read English?

Hey? Can't you read English? The sign says "No Thru Trucks!"

We see it everyday. Truck drivers breaking the law and driving through residential areas to get around the traffic tie-ups. It's becoming a big problem in East Hialeah where traffic is always a nightmare on Palm Avenue, 4th Avenue, 8th Avenue (LeJeune), 10th Avenue and 49th Street (N.W. 103rd Street). These drivers aren't just ignoring the signs telling them not to drive their big commercial vehicles through neighborhoods, they're speeding too.

This is the beginning of an ongoing series where we'll showcase the rule breakers. Maybe next time we can get a clearer photo so we can post the company information too. Who knows, maybe the Hialeah Police Department and Mayor, Julio Robaina's office will actually do something about the problem.