Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Hialeah Eyesore

This is the old Molina's in East Hialeah. Hialeah is becoming a dump, filled with abandoned businesses and foreclosed houses. The streets are run down and there's garbage all over the street. When is the city government going to step up and bring East Hialeah back to beautiful?

There should be some sort of rule on how long a business can be boarded up and looking like an eyesore before the owners need to start doing something about it. What a mess. You should see the house beside it!


Yono Senada said...

I never lived in Hialeah but most of my high school friends did. I hung out at Westland Mall and know your town well from the 70's and
80's. LOVE YOUR SITE! However, Hialeah has never been known for zoning nor would I call it beautiful (sorry) ... except for the race track. It was however an awesome place to hang out.;)

Pepe said...

Yono, I hope you'll bookmark us or subscribe to the blog and come back and visit & comment too. Thank you / Gracias!