Saturday, February 13, 2010

Toto We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Weird and wild weather hit hard last night knocking down trees and street lights from Hialeah to downtown Miami.

The foul weather, which began at around 7 p.m., was a part of pre-front trough that moved in ahead of a cold front that reportedly will drop temperatures into the high 30s to the low 40s by Saturday night.

Whether it was just an incredibly strong wind, or a real tornado, it caused plenty of damage Friday night in Hialeah neighborhoods along Palm Avenue. So powerful according to CBS 4, that it ripped street signs out of the ground, forced light poles to the pavement, and sent tree branches hurtling like missiles through the air.

The entire storm that hit South Florida temporarily knocked out power to more than 9,000 homes in Miami-Dade County, and around 500 homes in Broward County.

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