Sunday, February 14, 2010

Horseback Riding in Hialeah

Only in the heart of Hialeah would you see a cowboy riding a quarter-horse down the very busy streets of East Hialeah. When we ran across him he was riding down 41st street just a few gallops from LeJeune Road.

The urban vaquero said he liked to go to his farm, pick up his horse and bring him back to his home in Hialeah to bathe him. Imagine seeing that when you look out toward your neighbor's front yard. Only in Hialeah people. Only in Hialeah.


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Hey vaquero!

Pepe said...

I bet you don't see stuff like that in the streets of Tropic of Mom do you?

canyonridescom said...

Looks like you had fun!! I love trail riding!!

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